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Subject: Deferred Action Experience

I'm a 25 year old female. I have had the opportunity to apply, and qualified for the Deferred Action Form. Well, this will not only apply to me, but for many more that have qualified. Now we can really start turning our dreams into reality. We will not have to wonder anymore in so many things, or be hoping if we could have more opportunities in life. Now nothing will hold me back; I have so many goals and dreams to accomplish. Not only speaking about myself, but to many others that are experiencing this big life-time opportunity. Thanks to god and to all the people that make this form approval. I also want to say a big Thank You to my lawyer Norma Sepulveda that thanks to her words and time, for actually taking all my doubts with true answers. She was a big influence to make this possible. All I have to say is that there's no reason to fear about this. This is so real so true and it is happening. Its amazing how life can change over a small period time. Now we can live free with no more fear, and have the opportunity to explore other places.
JR, Texas

Deferred Action. It is like a dream come true. Honestly at first of all the process, I didn't think this was a good idea.

I had my doubts and concerns in Deferred Action. Not only thanking God and my sister but also to my attorney Norma Sepulveda that she got all my doubts away. It was a pretty long process but short as well, because I didn't that it was going to be this fast. Now I'm so thankful, excited, and happy words can't even explain of how this law is a dream come true. I have many goals to accomplish, many doors are now open for me and it's going to be a whole different experience and completely change of life style. For example, having a good job so I can go to school. Many thoughts and future plannings are now ahead. I'm a 21 year old girl and have been an applicant and accepted for the Deferred action. Thank you, Mr. President Obama!
MR, Texas

Buen dia mi nombre es Erick Casillas y quiero recomendar ampliamente a la Abogada Norma Sepulveda:

Yo deje mi caso en sus manos y ella con mucho profesionalismo trabajo en mi situacion migratoria y salimos adelante sin ningun problema. La abogada Sepulveda siempre me mantuvo informado de todo al respecto de mi caso y de todas las cartas, papeleria y fechas de mis citas en migracion. Una de las cosas que mas me gusto es que me di cuenta conociendo ala abogada es que ella siempre le habla con la verdad a sus clientes, si ella puede toma tu caso y va pelear por ti, nunca engaña tomando un caso en el que no puede hacer nada. La abogada Sepulveda es una abogada de confianza y honradez basada en la comunicacion con sus clientes. Gracias.

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