Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Criminal Law and Immigrant Clients

Attorney Sepulveda represents legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrants who are accused of a crime. She represents clients in Cameron, Hidalgo, Willacy, San Patricio and Nueces County.

Criminal Defense for Noncitizens

Immigration law becomes even more complicated when a criminal charge comes into the picture.

Your immigration status is at stake when you face criminal charges, which is why you should be represented by a criminal defense lawyer that is knowledgeable and experienced in both criminal and immigration law. Many criminal lawyers advise clients to accept pleas that could have serious and lifelong immigration consequences.

Simply put, many criminal lawyers are unfamiliar with immigration law. Many criminal lawyers encourage residents and undocumented clients to plead guilty when they want to go to trial and fight. Unfortunately, plea bargains can sometimes lead to automatic deportation. Minor convictions can lead to automatic deportation. This means even certain misdemeanor convictions can lead to your deportation. Certain drug convictions also can lead to automatic deportation. This is why Attorney Norma Sepulveda practices both immigration and criminal law to better serve her clients and protect them from deportation.

If you are facing criminal charges right now – you need Attorney Norma Sepulveda in your corner.

Attorney Norma Sepulveda will represent you in your criminal matter and explain the immigration consequences of pleading guilty or going to trial. Sometimes negotiating a plea is the best course of action, if so, Attorney Sepulveda will fight for a plea deal that will allow you to continue to fight for your right to remain in the United States in Immigration Court.

When there is not a safe plea bargain to protect your immigration status, going to trial is the only option, so we go to trial. Attorney Sepulveda will never force you to take a plea bargain that will result in automatic deportation.